Why Beston Sewage Sludge Treatment System is A Good Facility for Waste Recycling


Sewage sludge is the residue that is accumulated in the sludge waste treatment plant. This waste sludge has got serious hazardous to the environment if they are not treated. They can also cause some diseases in some time. To achieve this sewage sludge treatment system that will help the good utilization of the waste sludge. Beston sewage sludge treatment system utilizes the best waste raw material to produce charcoal and other materials. The machine uses pyrolysis and carbonization which helps in the utilization and conservation of the environment.

Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant
Sewage Sludge Carbonization System

Review of the Beston sludge treatment system

For the production of sludge charcoal and other end products, there are some process and steps to follow. The steps will help in the successful formation. The steps include,

The initial stage is the moisture of the sewage sludge. In this process, the required standard carbonization should be less of 20% moisture of the raw materials. Due to this, the system is equipped with a device that will help in the drying of the waste sludge. This device will help in increasing the rate of carbonization and efficiency in the system. This will also lead to the production of the end products that are of high quality. You can get more detailed info about this kind of system at https://bestonmalaysia.com/sewage-sludge-treatment-plant/.

The other consideration is the temperature maintenance for the production of charcoal. This pyrolysis technology treatment process employs a high-temperature principle within the system. In the furnace, the temperature must be above 100% in order to produce combustible gas and charcoal. In this stage, the charcoal should not be exposed to the air because it will affect the quality of the charcoal produced. The charcoal and the combustible gas are cooled in the cooling system that is made in a way to ensure there is a 100% process of the end products.

Sewage Sludge Treatment System
Sewage Sludge Treatment Facility

The last system is the combustible gas cooling stage. In the cooling stage, the charcoal is deposited and can be removed directly from the system. On the other hand, the combustible gas will go through another process to clean it. The combustible is sprayed in the dedusting system in order to remove sulfur components from the gas. This process is helpful because it will help in environmental protection. The gas now can go onto the condenser and wood vinegar and tar are extracted as the end products from it. In this process, it should be noted that the products can be recycled back to the system in order to provide the energy required in the whole process.

The uniqueness of the sewage treatment system

  • Its structure and design from Beston Company Malaysia are so unique from others. With it, it has the charcoal carbonization furnace which is the main part of the machine that decides how the machine works for the whole process. This will lead to efficiency in working and high yield production. The Beston carbonization furnace has got a double layer design that helps in avoiding the mixing of the
    raw materials.
  • High yield and efficiency- the Beston sludge treatment system are made in a way it works continuously with fewer errors and thus the whole process is smooth and efficient. The process also is one in a sealed condition and this help in reducing the energy that is lost from the system by leakage. There is advanced technology that has been employed on the machine so as to have the best and high yield.
  • The cost of disposing of the sludge is low in term of cost.

  • The production of the system is first low, this can is experienced on the low labor required, the low fee of using it, the low cost of the waste material and the machine that is able to do a variety of work within the short time as possible. The raw material required like coconut shell, rice husks, wood, among others are readily available for the production of charcoal.
  • The machine is highly secure. The whole process within the system is done in a safe way because it is sealed. There is also a monitor which ensures that it has notified you where there is an issue.
  • What’s more, the carbonization technology used to this system can also be used for producing other kinds of charcoal from the biomass waste, such as coconut shell charcoal, palm fiber charcoal, wood charcoal, etc.


We have looked brief information concerning the sewage sludge treatment system. The machine has all you need. If you need one you can contact us for it or follow us through Youtube for more relevant videos about the working process of the system. The machine is so safe to the user and to the environment.

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