How Waste Sorting Machines Help To Recycle Garbage And Minimize Landfill Usage

One of the sad things about garbage and waste disposal is that there are so many different types of materials, some that can be recycled and others that can’t, that it needs to be sorted for best results. Up until recently most of that sorting either had to be done by customers at home or workers at the waste and recycling plant. The alternative is much more waste going into the landfill than is necessary. It is a nasty job, with low pay and lots of exposure to diseases. Now, however there are waste sorting machine available to take some of that burden away from human workers. Here is what kinds of waste these machines are able to sort.

Waste Sorting Plant
Waste Sorting Plant

Many Types Of Sorters Available

There are waste separators, rotating trommels, ballistic separators, and waste screeners as well. The easiest one to explain is the waste screener. It will have a series of different screens going from larger holes to smaller holes. Of course, the smaller the garbage goes through to the smallest screen while larger items get caught at the first screen and so on.

Screening comes into play when separating wood debris from plastic debris. There are many other uses for screens in separating various other types of waste or recyclables. Click here to know more:

Then there are the trommel separators which also separate various types of waste by size. Instead of straight screens though they have rotating trommels with holes in them. Plus the smaller items also fall to the center of the trommel for removal while some of the larger sizes rise up through the trommel and are ejected out the top. Lighter weight item tend to be separated from the heavier items in the trommel.

There Are Ballistic Waste Sorting Machines Too

These can be used on all sorts of debris and waste. They will take advantage of various different physical properties of the waste. As they spin some types of waste fly out one end while others are kept inside and taken out with a conveyor belt. Depending on what you’re sorting, you’ll end up will two different piles of completely different waste.

Then there are always the metal separators as well. These start out by being magnetic to capture all of the iron and steel which are easily attracted to the giant electro-magnets as the pass by. Find more information about waste separation machine here.

Manual Sorting Platform
Manual Sorting Platform

Of course, all the different waste and recycling separators each have a duty to perform to make the end product more uniform and easier to recycle. Many larger items, such as broken furniture, will need to be crushed into smaller pieces to be dealt with. Other debris, such as dirt, leaves, and yard debris can be handled differently since it can be returned to nature after waiting for organic seeds to die in the mulch.

No matter what type of waste you have, it’s always better off sorted, either by size, material, or other criteria. Once the waste has a uniform size and is well compacted it can then be dealt with by either further treatments or deposited in the landfill as is.

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