Best Games to Bring on Vacation

Family vacations are a wonderful thing. Without the stresses of everyday living, families have a chance to bond with each other. The memories and the bonds created during these trips will last a lifetime. Start your vacation off right by bringing games to enjoy on the road. Keep antsy relatives entertained, and competitive families occupied, with board games to enjoy on rainy days or nights in the hotel or rental. Bring the fun outside with games that can be played in the yard or on the beach.

On the Road

Bop It

An iconic audio-based game, Bop It is sure to entertain everyone in the car for hours. Gameplay consists of following “Simon Says” like instructions by performing different actions on the various actuators. First released in 1996, Bop It and its many variations are fantastic self-contained games sure to bring out the competitiveness in everyone.

Road Trip Bingo

Perfect for travelers young and old, this game will make sure everyone is taking in the fantastic sights that can are on display on the road. Just like regular bingo, each player gets a game card that contains things you might see on a road trip. Using either pennies or a marker, as the items are spotted, players mark the particular box off. The first person to fill in a line (or make a Z, or whatever other bingo formation you choose) wins.

A Night In

Apples To Apples

This party favorite by Mattel is sure to get everyone laughing on a cozy night in your rental. No matter how many people are on vacation with you, everyone gets a chance, and no one has to sit out. Players take turns “matching” a noun card to an adjective card, trying to curry favor with whoever is the judge for that turn. Families can play this prize winning game for hours on end, and rules can be modified to fit the needs of any family.


First published in 1985, and picked up by Hasbro in 1994, this classic guessing game involves teams trying to figure out what particular word their teammate is drawing to advance around a game board. Pictionary can be played by an unlimited number of players, and evokes riotous laughter from even the most stoic of players. You can even save any particularly funny drawings as mementos from your trip.

Fun Outside


While it came into popularity as a drinking game, KanJam is a great game for the whole family. KanJam comes with two bins and a frisbee. Teams try to throw the frisbee into their can, while the other team attempts to knock them away. Teams can score bonus points if they throw the frisbee through the small slit in the front of the bin. This game is fun, active, and will have everyone diving around through the sand or grass.

There are many different games available to enhance your family’s next vacation. A fun alternative option is to work out together, read the reviews of the beta switch and start the healthy lifestyle for your family. Don’t forget to bring a few of these along to bring your vacation to the next level of enjoyment.

Welcome to the Mentone Family Lodge

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Country and western is our setting unassuming and easy fun and laughter emanate from our game room dart boards, cards tables, video games play out, battleship, monopoly, wheel of fortune, trivial pursuit, checkers, and more.

Darts, horseshoes, volleyball net, catch-and-release fishing (bring your own poles).  Dirt bikes and go-carts are welcome (keep on trails and paths—use at your own risk).  Horses are available at nearby stables.  Downtown Mentone just 5 minutes away with arts, crafts, and antique stores aplenty and quaint restaurants to choose from.

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